One Step at a Time

Hi All,

I’ve created this blog to begin documenting my upcoming adventure with Zach in Ecuador!  We are both excited to be reunited after two long months apart and more than ready to jump into our adventures!  With only 11 days to go until I get on a plane for about twelve hours, there is still much to be done.

Zach still has two more weeks (ish) of work at the Tiputini Biodiversity Research Station in Yasuni National Forest.  In the meantime, I’ve got two horses to train, my own two horses to ride, friends to visit, recipes to modify, manual labor to be done, living the dream, etc.  I only have the first two weeks of our adventure planned thus far, though more pieces are falling into place every day.

Part of my decision to make my own blog stems from wanting to follow my title and share my adventures in my own way, rather than piggybacking on Zach’s blog and Zach’s previous adventures in Ecuador.  Through the last year I’ve realized how important it is to determine and follow your own path towards your own destiny, even if you walk it with other people headed in the same direction.  I also know that many of the people who follow Zach’s blog are unable to leave comments.  I chose to change host sites for mine in hopes that if you want to leave comments, you will create a wordpress account (easy, free) so you can tell us what you think of our adventures!

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