Safe and Sound in San Cristobal

Hi All,
We have arrived in San Cristobal, the final big island we will visit. We waved a sad goodbye to Caleta Iguana this morning at 5:30, hopping on a speedboat for a two hour plus ride to Santa Cruz. The way back was much easier than the way there, and we escaped completely dry. The next boat ride was not so easy. Luckily, we decided it would be a good idea to replenish our seasickness pills on the way out, because the ride was very rough. No less than three times did the boat hit an especially big wave, sending people literally flying off their seats to catch some quick air. We were relieved to see the shore of San Cristobal approaching, where the manager from Casa Mabell was waiting for us at the dock. We are now tucked in and ready to sleep, but I will update you with our plans for the next few days soon!
T and Z


3 thoughts on “Safe and Sound in San Cristobal

  1. Cowgirl, thank you so much for including us in your adventures. It has been an uplifting, thought provoking and memorable experience.

    Zach, Looks like the perfect remedy for a rough ride and a slightly unsettled stomach. Seriously you look no worse for wear. What a trooper! The closer you two get to home the more we all miss you. Benavidez and Zdeb families planning their assault on LAX one week from today! Yahoo!!!!!!

    Hasta entonces, todo nuestro amor,



  2. Cheers!! 😀

    Glad you made it safely to your next island! I am so excited to see you guys soon but want you to keep on adventuring all at the same time! Love you both so HUGE!!

    MUAH!! :-*


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