Almost Eaten by a Lion

Today was an eventful day of explorations! We woke up to three roosters calling to each other from across town, and after Zach declared with a vengeance that dinner would be sopa de pollo we decided to go find some breakfast to calm our nerves. We grabbed a quick bolon (a plantain and cheese ball) and some empanadas and then rented some bikes to explore the town and the snorkel spots around us. We headed off to most distant one, only a 15 minute ride, called La Loberia. Lobos are sea lions, and as the name suggests there were a ton of them, including a pup that couldn’t be more than a few days old. The water was probably the coldest I’ve ever been swimming in, so cold that it gave us brain freezes as soon as our heads touched the water. But, it was worth it. We saw about six sea turtles, and a few pups came out to play in the water with us. After this, we climbed on the bikes and headed across town to the other farthest spot, Punto Carola. Here, we saw even more sea turtles and another, less friendly sea lion colony. Only a few were in the water, and as Zach floated behind a turtle the alpha male took notice and lumbered into the water barking. Zach didn’t seem concerned by this behavior, but I told him we needed to get out of the way as soon as the male strafed me in the water as well. As we were getting out, a very young and overly curious pup swam out to us, pissing off the alpha, who chased us onto the beach. I didn’t have time to get my fins off, and got stuck in the sand with the alpha barking and snarling a few feet away. Zach grabbed my arms and dragged me up onto the beach as the alpha corralled the pup away from us. We were happy to ride back to town and grab some ice cream, exploring briefly a few other beaches on the way back without any further mishaps.

Tomorrow, San Cristobal should be getting the best swell in two months. All the surfers in town are gearing up for a good surf. Zach will probably catch a water taxi out to Tonga Reef in the afternoon. I will probably walk back to La Loberia, since there is a large colony of masked, blue footed, and red footed boobies just a little further down the trail from where we were today. I will let you all know how that goes in the next few days!

Buenas noches,
T + Z

20130917-193137.jpg Zach giving up on preparing for tomorrow with sit ups after a particularly delicious dinner.

4 thoughts on “Almost Eaten by a Lion

  1. Oh man you guys stay safe!! They have red footed boobies?! No way! πŸ™‚ I wish I was with you guys so bad!! But you make it so easy to follow along! Good job Bookie on saving Tori I’m proud of you and be careful and have so much fun riding the waves tomorrow πŸ˜€ Tori grab me a few lil boobie babies so I can squeeze them hehe jk πŸ˜‰

    Love you both so so much!! MUAH!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear more!! πŸ˜€


  2. Hola Cowgirl,

    If Zach is doing sit ups in preparation for tomorrow perhaps you might consider doing sprints in fins… Zach, thanks for thinking fast. Be safe.

    Dulces suenos,



  3. I am reading this a day late so Zach has already had his surfing day and Tori has already seen the Boobies πŸ™‚
    Hope it was a magical day for both of you πŸ™‚ Con mucho amour, mama


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