Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…

…but my next two trips were!  Well, booked, not built.  Lydia was home over the weekend for the 4th and our conversation naturally drifted to traveling.  We had been discussing a trip to New Zeleand since we went to Iceland earlier this year (we thought it would be pretty cool to spend the following winter at nearly the very opposite spot on the globe) but some new insider tips from Lydia’s friends lit the fire under our butts, and the next thing we knew we were on the internet searching for cheap flights, looking at Groupons, and requesting time off.  Even with her shiny new job in place, Lydia and I decided that the trip in December and January was going to end up being too expensive, too crowded, and too rushed, but discovered that my spring break coincides well with cheap flights, temperate weather, and the shoulder season (and Daniel’s birthday, sorry babe).  We then discovered we could get two free nights in Tahiti as a stopover, and we were sold.

But wait, there’s more!  Mom made the subtle suggestion that we try to go somewhere else over winter break, and ta-da, and it just so happened that Groupon had exactly what we were looking for: a quick trip over the New Year’s Eve to Rome.

So yet again I get to travel the world with this sprightly little minion:

But more on these adventures later, back to packing for Europe!

Happy Saturday,


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