Aντίο, Búcsú, Sbohem, Zbohom, Do Widzenia, Auf Wiedersehen

I guess Wilson is coming with me...
I guess Wilson is coming with me…

The time is upon us!  My backpack is all packed (my mom is shocked that I’ll be in Europe for 21 days and my backpack only weighs 13 pounds), although yesterday I miraculously had TWO packages (one which was supposed to be overnighted, no less) from two separate carriers get left at their respective facilities rather than going out for delivery, so I’ll be picking those up on my way to airport, and then I’ll really be packed.  Today, I depart for Athens, Greece. I’ll be hanging out there from the 15th to the 19th, in which time I’ll be hopping on a Grayline tour of the Acropolis, general sights of Athens, and Delphi for a day and a half.  Depending on the tour of Athens (and the general state of things in Greece, I’m not really sure what to expect at this point), I’ll spend the remainder of the time exploring Athens, or I’ll try and visit an island for a day or so.

DSC_0015Then, off to Budapest, Hungary, to meet up with my EF College Tour group for our Eastern European extravaganza!  I’ll meet my 20-30 newest travel buddies the morning of the 20th in Budapest, then spend a few days exploring in and around Budapest.  From there, we head to Vienna, Austria with a quick scamper into Bratislava, Slovakia for a day trip.  Next stop: Prague, Czech Republic, for a few days of beer tasting and searching out other folks with cool silent consonants in their names.  My last stop on the tour will be Poland with visits to Krakow (including a day at Auschwitz) and Warsaw.  After I say goodbye to my latest travel companions, I’m off to leech every ounce of possible enjoyment out of summer with a quick stop in Berlin, Germany until the 4th of August.  I’ll arrive back in the states just in time to put on my teacher face before going back to work on the 7th.

In other news, we now have six or seven monarch caterpillars on the milkweed we planted last week (see above photo), and I’m super excited to announce that myself and seven of my fellow skaters have passed assessments and are now rostered members of the Beachside Bruisers with Hidden City Derby Girls!  Stay tuned for bout schedules and fun events (and mark your calendars now for our next home bout on August 22nd at MLK Park in Oceanside).


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